when i joined fedi i had he/him in my bio, now it's a year later and i'm on estrogen, this site is amazing

>waiting list number is below

no it fucking isnt lol how can you fuck up a static registration ID
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self promo, new maia shirt designs, boosts appreciated 

i added 4 new designs to my merch store over the last few days, they’re currently all 35% off for the first few days !!


i get a tiny bit of money from every shirt sale, however if u cant afford to get any of the designs you like via teepublic you’re free to “steal” any of the designs in the store (font used is F25 Bank Printer) and use a local printing option :)

2 ace(r)s in a room, what are they gonna do? x3 (feat. @caliminora@chaos.social)

the Not Safe For Work label actually fits well since... if you were working at Apple, you don't want to let your coworkers see this cursed shit lmao

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algorithmically generated post 

kernel? shell? i thought 1366 x 768 would be good

/r/TwoSentenceHorror is like

For sale: baby shoes.
Never worn.

if it weren't for a really important program that only runs on Windows, I would genuinely use Arch on my desktop PC...

talking about the GNOME extensions: most of them actually are compatible, even if their metadata.json doesn't say so...

(yes, I actually forced them to run on GNOME 42 if they didn't run on it right out of the box)

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yes I actually needed to wait at least 2 weeks before it hit the regular Arch repositories...

and yes, I use Arch on my daily driver laptop btw.

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I impulse bought this domain without really knowing what to do with it, so I guess this is a fediverse instance now