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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Be Gay Do Crime
  2. No illegal content, specifically anything that would be illegal under the jurisdiction of Germany
  3. Use content warnings where appropriate. For example: selfie/ec (eye contact), mh (mental health), sh (self harm), etc. You get the idea.
  4. Provide alt text for images and videos
  5. Absolutely no bigotry against marginalized/repressed groups; including, but not limited to, homophobia, trans-/enbyphobia, misogyny, racism, classism, ableism, etc. As a general rule, don't discriminate against anyone further down the social ladder or, in other words, just don't be an asshole.

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Limited servers

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
monads.online tankies

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
poa.st fascist shit